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Wireless beats the nbn for Sunshine Coast team

Sunshine Coast care organisation, Your Home Care are thrilled with their wireless broadband and voice service which has enabled all team members to work from their  home locations in regional [...]

The nbn and lifts

If you are managing a building with lifts, you will know that the emergency telephone line is an essential part of your lift service and it must be operational under [...]

OCB takes the cake

One of our new OCB residential customers has passed on the following feedback following his installation. “To the General Manager, as a business person myself and a member of the [...]

The Final Mile

The final mile, or kilometre is a phrase commonly used the telecommunications industry to describe the last stretch of infrastructure that delivers internet services to residential and business end users.  [...]

Why the nbn is a disappointment

A recent article from The Financial Review outlines the growing number of complaints about the nbn service. Complaints can be split largely into three camps … those that have been [...]

Cutting the cord on land lines

The use of mobile phones and mobile internet has escalated in recent years, with nearly one third of all adult Australians now using a mobile phone in favour of a [...]

Yes we can stream Netflix in Little Mountain

The introduction of Netflix has generated numerous complaints from the public about their broadband service being unable to stream movies successfully.  Our Community Broadband has launched their first service to the community [...]

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