Once you have signed up to Our Community Broadband we will check and confirm to you that the service is available at your home.  A standard installation will take up to 3 hours and we will contact you directly to book in your installation with our trained technician.

Installation price includes:     Single Story $299          Double Story $399

– Installing our antenna (provided) on your existing aerial pole.  If you do not have a pole or it is not a suitable height or in a suitable location we will install a new pole for you up to 3 metres

– Tuning and cabling a connection from the antenna to a single point within your property (usually near the existing telephone line). The cable will be run in conduit down the outside of the house where a hole will be drilled inside where we will fit a faceplate and attach the wireless router.


If you require additional / hidden cabling please request a quotation from the engineer who will be able to complete this for you on the day.

If you require a 6m pole there will be an additional charge of $200.00