Our Team

Our Community Broadband is privately owned by Andy Whitmore and Steve Dunton.  Their complimentary skills and years of experience in the telecommunications industry have enabled the formation of this new company on the Sunshine Coast where there are many communities in need of a fast broadband solution.

    Andy Whitmore


    Andy has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, with experience in network design, project deployment, logistics, manufacturing and installation of infrastructure in both fixed and wireless networks. Andy has worked with companies such as Vodaphone, BT, NEC, EE, Ericsson and Nokia in a strategic capacity, developing sustainable commercial solutions for telecoms service provision including 4G and super fast broadband.

    Having recently moved to the Sunshine Coast, Andy discovered first hand the poor provision of broadband services to many communities, as well as the uncertainty of an unpredictable future for the communications infrastructure on the coast. This uncertainty has starved the coast of any investment to fix the black spots. With experience gained overseas of how to provide a fast broadband service to rural communities, Andy has developed a model that can be deployed efficiently and effectively and only requires the short term commitment of the local community to remove the investment barrier. This model also provides for re-investment in the community as soon as the capital investment (private investors) is returned.

    Experience teaches us that corporations with commitments to stakeholders have difficulty in justifying investment in non metro areas. There simply is no satisfactory return on the investment. That is why the Our Community Broadband model is fundamentally different;

    • We have no public investor shareholders to satisfy
    • We have no corporate overhead to satisfy
    • We have no ROI targets to comply with
    • When we do make a profit with the support of the community we are free to re-invest these profits back into the local community

        Steve Dunton


        Steve Dunton has over 20 years experience in building communications networks and IT infrastructure. These experiences vary from building small point to point networks to building and managing global, multi nodal networks.

        Steve’s knowledge and expertise has seen him lead these initiatives for Banks, Large Insurance companies, governments and national utility organisations in Nigeria, UK, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

        Steve’s unique experience and knowledge in the field has seen him enrolled as a Chartered Member of the British Computer Society, something only afforded to those with greater than 10 years at the peak of this illustrious field.

        For the last 6 years, Steve has been working with large and small businesses up and down the coast. His focus has been on delivering operational efficiency and bottom line benefit through the application of contemporary IT and communications strategies.

        Unfortunately, throughout the last 6 years, there has been one constant and immovable barrier to unqualified success; the limited access to high quality broadband connectivity. This is something that Steve was determined to rectify when conceiving the idea for Our Community Broadband, a company born to deliver high speed and reliable broadband connectivity to families and businesses up and down the coast.

            Nicola Whitmore

            Marketing Manager

            With over 20 years of global marketing experience, Nicola has been involved in both product and service development, and running marketing campaigns through a variety of media and channels.

            For OCB, Nicola has been responsible for developing and promoting the OCB brand as well as undertaking the customer services and administration roles.  Her primary focus is to make the communication of key information and the installation process as easy and pain free as possible for our customers, particularly when they are unfamiliar with fixed wireless technology.

            She is now focused on developing and refining our processes to make OCB the best telecommunications provider. This key role we hope will further reinforce our strong growth on the Sunshine Coast.

              John Weller

              Sales Director

              John has over 16 years’ experience in Sales and Operations Management in a range of different industries. These include Event Management (Commonwealth Games 2002), Vocational Training, IT and Telecommunications.
              John joined the OCB team to assist in delivering super-fast broadband to Sunshine Coast businesses who are suffering from unsatisfactory broadband provision as well as those who wish to reduce their overall telecommunications budget. John has extensive experience in the provision of VOiP solutions which significantly reduce telecommunications costs.

                Luke Day

                Telecoms Technician

                Luke is responsible for both residential and business installations to our Fixed Wireless Network on the Sunshine Coast. Extensively trained in structured cabling and the installation of wireless technology, we are very happy to have Luke on the OCB team – and we receive a constant flow of comments on his professionalism and workmanship.