Our Community Broadband uses Fixed Wireless Broadband technology to deliver large amounts of data between residences and our Community Distribution Point,  situated nearby.    Our Fixed Wireless Network is designed to bring speeds as fast, or faster than ADSL2 and NBN connections and can be offered in locations where there is no ADSL2 or NBN broadband available, or there are no available ports. You don’t even need a phone line to use it.

Wireless broadband is an outstanding technology – even compared to fibre because it is;

  • Fast – data travels at the speed of light and paths are usually more direct than fibre
  • Outstanding performance – wireless is capable of delivering an internet connection with low latency and low jitter
  • High data rates – wireless systems can send multiple gigabits per second
  • Reliable – wireless systems are as reliable as any others available, and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Rapid deployment – wireless systems can be installed in days unlike terrestrial networks which can take years in planning and implementation
  • Ideal for backup – our network is independent of terrestrial carriers, so will not be affected by faults on their network.

Residential Antenna

Our Ubiquity Antenna is small and discreet.

5Ghz Antenna

5Ghz Antenna


Wireless Router

Each residential installation will include a wireless router so that you can operate multiple devices within your premises.  The location of the wifi router needs to be considered carefully to ensure you receive coverage where you need it. Wifi signals can be affected by – speed of the internet into the property, quality of the router and construction of the property, to name a few. The location of the router will also be determined by 1. proximity to a power point and 2. proximity to the cable that has been run down from the roof. Your wireless signal can be amplified with a booster if the signal does not reach all areas of your home. These can be purchased from retail stores such as Harvey Norma or office works.


Technical Support

For technical support please email or phone (07) 5322 5380 and choose option 2.

If we experience problems across our network we will notify customers by text and on our facebook page.

Technical support calls will be responded to within 1 hour of them being placed.

Many problems can be solved yourself  by reading our  Broadband Guide