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Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Wireless Broadband delivers the “final mile” from a fibre connection through the air. Data travels from an antenna attached to your house, to our nearby Community Distribution Point. This distribution point then interfaces with the carrier for the transmission of all data.

Rain and extreme weather rarely impact service quality because of the specialist antenna technology used, which is designed to withstand these conditions.

No, not necessarily.  Speeds will vary depending on the distance you are from the exchange and how many people are using the service at the time. Once you are over 3km from the exchange, speeds can drop down to around 1 Mbps.  Distance from you Community Distribution Point has no affect on line speeds. We have one of the lowest contention ratios of all providers, meaning we don’t put as many users on our system, so at peak usage times – you will be better off on a network with a low contention ratio.

Yes – if we confirm that your property can be covered by our service. Your mobile signal is not related to our wireless broadband network.

A specialist antenna will be installed on your roof pointing towards our local distribution point. Once the antenna has been fitted we run a cable from the antenna into your house. This cable carries the broadband signal from the antenna to an Ethernet port or router, and also carries power back up to the antenna to receive the signal. The power comes from a small adapter (which we supply) and it can be plugged in anywhere – it does not need to be near the roof. If required a router will be placed in your home to distribute the signal to the devices you will use. (If you have a suitable router already – you can use this for your installation.)  In addition a cabled connection can be installed to run Internet TV, data or phone lines.

No.  Our trained technicians will install the equipment for you to ensure that it is working at its optimum speed.

Yes, you or a nominated person over the age of 18 will need to be present for the duration of the installation.

The installation package includes an installation to the location of the current phone point. If you would prefer it to be located elsewhere, please ask the installer for a no obligation quotation, as there may be an additional charge.  If you install a router you should be able to get a good wireless signal throughout your house.

The quoted figures are theoretical speeds which the connection is capable of –  a term which is used by all internet service providers. There will be many users on the same line as you – that number being called the contention ratio. If many of the users are using the line at the same time – it becomes busy and slows down line speeds.  Our Community Broadband network has been designed with one of the lowest contention rates in the market. Our belief is that our customers should have the best possible service, so you are less likely to experience a dramatic decrease in line speed during peak periods.

Yes – The Community Distribution Point will be operational before your installation, so as soon as the installation procedure is complete, you can go online. We are not dependent on any fixed line or exchange technologies for our system to work.

No. Once you have completed the contract, we can arrange an installation date. We will take payment for the installation and your first months fees once we have our service up and running in your home. Monthly payments in advane by direct debit will follow, and if you wish to upgrade your plan at any time, just let us know.

If you have another service with that ISP which you intend to continue with, such as a mobile contract you may be able to keep your email address.  If not you will need to transition over to a agnostic email account such as gmail, yahoo or Hotmail.  We advise customers to have an agnostic email address so that they are not beholden to any ISP,  which is why we don’t provide OCB email addresses to our customers.

If you router meets the technical specification, then yes you can use it.

No. We only provide a wireless broadband service. You don’t need to change your home phone supplier when our service is installed.  Many of our customers have saved themselves money by dispensing with their landline and just use their mobile phones.