Yes we can stream Netflix in Little Mountain

The introduction of Netflix has generated numerous complaints from the public about their broadband service being unable to stream movies successfully.  Our Community Broadband has launched their first service to the community of Meridan Plains & Little Mountain via their new fixed wireless network and have many happy customers who are finding their service fast enough to stream Netflix as well as being cheaper that their previous package.

One of their customers Tim Burns, a resident of Little Mountain experienced ongoing difficulties over a period of years in obtaining a satisfactory and consistent internet service.

Several months of waiting for a port was incredibly frustrating and it left him with no alternative, other than to subscribe to Telstra. A year of intermittent problems, left him very unhappy and stuck with a bundle of additional products he didn’t need or want – including a T box and a home phone line.

Tim was one of the first subscribers to be connected to our Meridan Community Distribution Point and he has been thrilled with his fast service, which enables some members of the family to watch a Netflix movie whilst others are browsing or using the internet for other activities.

With his monthly broadband bill reduced by $40.00, Tim has said “It’s great to have a competitive and fast broadband service available in the Meridan & Little Mountain area. “The installation was really straightforward and the team at Our Community Broadband has been really helpful. This new service will really assist in connecting our community, and it’s great for everyone to have a fast and reliable alternative to the existing infrastructure. Since being connected, when I have had any concerns or questions regarding my service, I have been able to get fast and friendly answers from staff right here on the Sunshine Coast.”